Bacon is the New Black

With the food blog buzz for Bacon Camp this weekend reaching epic proportions, I thought I’d thought I’d compile a role call of pig-tastic links just saturated with bacony goodness. I’ll skip all the au courant sweet savory bacon-as-dessert variations and try to digest the more absurd pork as pop culture end of the spectrum.

Shut Up Foodie said it best so I’ll begin with their channel – Shut Up Bacon – who asked “WHY? WHY IS BACON THE HELLO KITTY OF FOOD? WHY?”

Next we have a disturbing new trend – liquid bacon:

Bacon flavored Diet Coke (DIET!)

Bacon flavored Torani (Bacon au lait?)

Bacon flavored vodka (wonder if it’s potato vodka?)

Bacon Product:

Royal Bacon Society and Shoppe (bacon undies anyone?)

Bacon (and other meat) plush toys

Neatorama’s Bacon shoppe

Manly Bacon:

Tactical Bacon (good for 10 years)

Cook your bacon IN a machine gun

Bacon AT-AT (Nerdly bacon)

DIY Bacon:

Bacon Haikus

Bacon-ify your own website with

“You’re gonna EAT that?” Bacon (I won’t bore you with all this “Double Down” nonsense)

Chicken-fried Bacon

Bacon tour de force – This is Why You’re Fat

SF All Bacon Dinner – 5 Courses of Porcine Paradise

Choinkwich from the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck in NYC

Is it just me or do you feel like pigging out too!?!?

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